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About Dental Crowns

To repair and protect broken teeth, deep discoloration, significant decay, and other problems, dental crowns cover the entire tooth. At DentalWorks - Northville in Northville, MI, crowns (sometimes called caps) are strong, durable covers that fit snugly over the visible portion of the tooth in cases where a cavity is too large to be filled with a tooth-colored filling or if the tooth is broken and needs protection. Crowns can also be used to mask a discolored tooth or to add to the stability to a dental bridge. Crowns by our dentists at DentalWorks - Northville can be metal, porcelain, or ceramic, depending on the location of the crown. The back teeth usually benefit from the extra strength of metal, while the visible teeth look better with porcelain or ceramic crowns, which are colored to match the patient's natural teeth.

What to Expect

To create a custom crown, our dentists first prepare the tooth by removing a thin layer of enamel, then taking digital X-rays and impressions of the tooth, which will be sent to the dental laboratory. A temporary crown can be placed on the tooth while the permanent, custom crown is being made. When the permanent, custom crown is returned to DentalWorks - Northville in Northville, MI, our dentists will carefully fit and set the crown on the tooth. Our dentists may adjust the crown for a more comfortable fit.

Treatment Aftercare

Some patients may experience temporary discomfort or tooth sensitivity, but most patients do not have any pain after a crown is placed. With proper home care and regular dental cleanings and exams, a crown may last for 10 - 40 years, depending on the material and placement of the crown. In some cases, a cavity or infection may develop under the crown, which may require a root canal or other procedure.

Insurance Coverage

If the crown is considered medically necessary, dental insurance companies may cover some or most of the cost, so our office staff at DentalWorks - Northville in Northville, MI will check with the patient’s insurance to determine their coverage and the patient's out-of-pocket costs. Estimated costs, payment options, and financing plans are available through our office in Northville, MI and can be discussed during the patient's meeting with our dentists.

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Strengthen and Protect

A crown can be used to protect a broken or decayed tooth, as well as hide a discoloration or cosmetic flaw. To fix the appearance or health of a single tooth, talk to our dentists at DentalWorks - Northville in Northville, MI and find out if a dental crown is a good option for your needs.

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